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Originally Posted by ivylass View Post
RNATB, it's been difficult for me to see how my skills are transferable, seeing as how I worked 20 years for the same company. After talking with the career coach, I'd say I'm looking for a management level position in Sales Operations, with focus on Inventory and Revenue Management.
I'm glad that you found a way out of this type of thinking. It took me a long while to after spending 11 years of my first 13 post-college working at the same place. Fortunately I got more confidence when I saw a posting for my current job during my last job hunt and realized that I'd been thinking too narrowly about what my skills were - virtually all of my skills needed for this job had been acquired from hobbies (website construction, video editing) and not from previous work experience, and that was okay. After that epiphany I wrote way more confident cover letters and got offered interviews for 3 of the 4 last jobs I applied for before accepting this position.