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I broke the fifth metatarsal on my foot once (for the lurkers, think of the long bone running from your ankle to your little toe - it's apparently one of the bones most likely to break in your foot, particularly susceptible when you land on the outside edge). The first doctor I went to told me that I would be wearing a cast for six weeks. When I asked him why it would be that long, he would only tell me that he was the doctor and that's just the way it was.

I didn't like that response, so I went to a doctor specializing in sports medicine to get another opinion. He told me that it would be eight weeks, not six - but showed me the X-ray and told me exactly why. I had a "greenstick fracture" which traversed a good way along the length of the bone, and those fractures take a lot longer to heal.

(Think in terms of a spiral-shaped fracture traversing the length of the bone instead of a "snap" break directly across the bone.)