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I've had a Jones Fracture (special break of 5th metatarsal) and right now have a stress fracture of the 5th metatarsal (same foot, dammit.)

First, if your doc is saying 3-6 weeks, that's a good sign. If s/he was saying things like, oh, it's a Jones Fracture or a Dancer's Fracture, then 3-6 months would be good, especially if you avoid a pin/screw thingy. But, with these special breaks, you don't get the ugly shoe at first, anyway. You get a hard cast, then a walking cast, then, in a few months, the ugly shoe. Factor in crutches to create fun combinations of medical equipment, too. By the time you get to the ugly shoe with crutches, the ugly shoe is AWESOME!

Plus, the ugly shoe means that your doc thinks you can put weight on it. Just remember to walk flat-footed with that foot -- that's the whole point of the ugly shoe. You shouldn't be walking normally with it at all. Plop it down gently and evenly. This means you'll be taking smaller than average steps. And really, just because you can walk on it, doesn't mean you should do it a lot. Rest is good at this point.

Anyway, I've been telling people that my current ugly shoe isn't's VELCROTASTIC!