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krisolov, makes a useful point. While I still recommend at least one, if not two crutches, a cane can be useful for when you need to attend a formal occassion. Because your feet take such a beating, I still stand by my overall recommendation of staying the heck off your foot. The less you use it the sooner and better it will heal. My landlord broke one of his ankles and insisted on being macho about it. He walked all during the healing phase and now will have pain for the rest of his life. Take no chances and err on the side of caution.

To improve your odds of healing completely, you will want to reduce or eliminate your caffeine and alcohol intake. Both of them tend to impede circulation. Because you have injured an extremity, it will be the most susceptible to vasoconstrictors. Another good technique is to always "wake up" your foot before using it at all. In the morning, before getting out of bed, wiggle your toes, rotate your ankle and move your foot in general. You may wish to avoid curling your toes inward to prevent further stress of the injury site. Nonetheless, the more you "wake up" your foot, the better all of the muscles will respond to their initial use.

This sort of preparation technique should help. Another avenue to investigate is massage. While it is inadvisable to directly massage the injury site, peripheral palpation of the limb in general will improve circulation. Better blood flow will speed your healing time. Look into a topical application like Tiger Balm or something similar. They have the reputation of dialating blood vessles near the skin.

As always, be sure to consult your physician first. I'm not medically trained, no matter how much I like to play doctor.