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Sorry, I've been AWOL from the thread for a couple of days. I'm maxed out at 100 friends, but I need to weed a few out and I'll add SDMBers. I'm going out of town this weekend, so I won't get to doing that till next week.

Jebediah Springfield statue - when Homer is free, tap on him to open his menu. Then tap on him 10 times. (not in the menu, but the Homer standing in the town) This will unlock the statue and give you 10 donuts. One time only, naturally.

The game has been having connection issues that the developers are actively working on. If you lose your friends or get started over, don't worry, your friends and your Springfield are saved and will be there for you when you are able to log in again. Don't panic.

Normal tasks and Christmas tasks are running concurrently.

JustLurk, do you have the bowl-a-rama, try-n-save, all the Funzos and Santa's Little Helper yet? You will need coins for all of those. I know SLH is 1500 santa coins.