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Hae's family is to blame

***spoiler alert-New listener, turned on by my son today, listened to all podcasts so far. Theory is that Adnand as a Muslim, is the scapegoat, Jay is the stupid, accessible mouthpiece, and Hae is the victim of a dishonored father. Hae was in love with a boy she should not have loved; he was keeping the relationship quiet, because he wasn't supposed to be with girls at all...Jay was a fringe character in their lives, and vulnerable because he was a low level weed dealer...these were the perfect characters to play in the drama that would unfold regarding the daughter, Hae's, untimely death. We know NOTHING about Hae's family. We have NO idea where Jay is present day. What we DO know is that the time line barely fits, that neither Admand nor Jay have a motive to kill Hae, but in my estimation, her family does; for dishonoring them by having sex with a boy and not meeting with their expectations of her. If you review everything so far, the testimony and timelines, no player in our story has a MURDEROUS motive......think hard. More later.