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Originally Posted by Munch View Post
What are your perks set at? If you made it three portals ago, you really shouldn't be having that tough of a time. How much total helium do you have?
Let's see, according to the stat screen

15.1K He
Resilience 2
Meditation 5
Relentlessness 9
Carpentry 10
Artisanry 7
Range 10
Agility 4
Bait 9
Trumps 9
Pheromones 10
Packrat 9
Motivation 19
Power 21
Toughness 21
Looting 22

I'm sitting on 5590 He from this run. I suppose that's included in the 15.1K total?

I'm on z63 now, so it's definitely better than the last time I made to 60. I couldn't have finished 60 without letting the game sit for a week, I imagine. I'd say it's taken about six hours to get where I am since I posted earlier. I normally don't leave the game running in the background all day.