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Originally Posted by burpo the wonder mutt View Post
Without sounding like a total nšif, or a smart-ass (I'm not nearly into tech/SF as much as you guys), what is the purpose of having humanoid-like robots (other than swearing)?
I'm not quite sure where this is coming from. Why are you thinking there's some major goal for humanoid robots? There's plenty of interest in non-humanoid robots too.

As Bo says, humanoid robots have the inherent advantage that the built environment is already humanoid-friendly because it's human-friendly. Recall the metal monster assassin-bot in Robocop that fell down the staircase because it wasn't humanoid, whereas Robocop himself, being humanoid did just fine on the same stairs. Consider all the BS it takes to make a "handicapped friendly" hotel room or house or office. And that's for a real human whose only difference from you or me is being 4ish feet tall and 3ish feet wide. But otherwise has the same hands, arms, eyes, mouth, etc.

Making robots fit in where we live is probably easier than building a new world for them to live in.

For factory production purposes robots will be every shape imaginable. Humans are certainly not the optimal shape or size for building either small stuff like ICs or big stuff like tanker ships.

AIs have no shape at all. They think. They shuffle virtual paper and "talk on the phone" to each other. And actually talk on the actual phone to humans.

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