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Originally Posted by Inner Stickler View Post
Fascinating. So no discussion of VPNs at all? Seems like overkill.
We have been trying to allow discussions about legal uses of VPNs. We used to not allow any discussions about any sort of method of hiding your IP, but a lot of people use VPNs for legitimate security reasons. We have been trying to allow that.

Moderating this has been difficult, because the exact same technology that is used for legitimate reasons is also used by spammers, socks, and trolls to evade bans, and we don't want to allow those types of discussions.

VPNs are also commonly used for illegal file sharing, mostly for things like videos, music, and games. As this site is owned by a media company, they take copyright issues very seriously. Similarly, while there are legal uses for torrent software and the software itself is not illegal, discussions about torrents and torrent software are also prohibited here.