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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
I see it, but I don't see your purpose in pointing it out. When there are multiple avenues of argument available, you think it's dishonest for people to argue in ways you don't like. Good luck with that.
Way to misrepresent the OP. I have no problem with people who have multiple avenues of argument. It is pulling the "God" card after all the discussion about the 2nd Amendment has gone on, stating in effect that "It doesn't matter because Nature and/or God gave me this right anyway."
Here I am discussing the fine points of Constitutional law for pages and pages, and in the end the other guy suddenly turns it into a religious discussion. While I would love to see and perhaps get involved with a discussion about Natural/God given rights, tossing it in as a trump card in a discussion about the 2nd Amendment irks me slightly.