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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
Where I'm concerned, the general gist of it is that, while it can't really be argued that there was a centrally planned Big Picture genocide going on ; there were dozens upon dozens of individual, contained, slow-encroachment genocidal acts and plans by dozens of genocidal actors who never got punished or even shamed for it by their contemporaries. And I'm not just talking about heinous stuff like the Trail of Tears, Sand Creek or poxy blankets ; I'm also talking about kidnapping children to forcibly "civilize" and "educate" them into not being damned dirty Indians no more.

Did anyone else hear that needle skip right there ?

If you want to say there was many shameful acts committed upon the natives, that while heinous, were neither planned or systemic- thus not really a genocide, sure. And that's the point. Sure over 200 years, slowly, the white man won, and thus screwed the Indian pretty badly. But there was nothing planned and systemic about it.

Why? let's not pretend that the natives didn't commit many heinous acts upon the whites, they certainly did. I mean just because they lost and we love the little guy and the loser, we can't just brush those off either.