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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Well, that raises a point. If you say it wasnt six million Jews, it was more like three or four or five million- you could be called a denier.

I got called a denier by pointing out that yes, Communists, homosexuals, and gypsies were also killed off. So were "politicals", my Euro relatives were sent to Dachau where perhaps, they had it a tiny bit better than the Jews. But not much as when the Allies captured the camps, many Politicals were sent to Soviet Gulags.

So "denier" is waved around a bit too much.
On the #'s killed, the Nazis kept very meticulous records, and the evidence all points to something close to 6 million. So, if someone says "3 or 4", I think that is a form of soft denial.

On the 2nd point, just pointing out that other groups were targeted is not denial. The deniers go another step and try and put these other groups on par with the Jews. It's well-documented and well-known by all historians that the Jews were considered the top enemy by the Nazis and their #1 target. They were willing to annihilate and/or enslave other groups, but nothing was on par with the Jews. However, just pointing out that other groups were killed (gays, communists, gypsies, jehovah's witness) is not a form of denial.