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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
I just can't summon up any outrage over it. Stealing and relaying signs is not illegal but certain methods of doing so are? pretty thin gruel to me. If it were such a game-changer why not just ban the practice outright?
Well, it's legal to run the bases but not ride a bicycle. It's legal to use a glove but not a 20-foot-long pole with a net on it. It's legal to pitch the ball really hard but not use the spitball. Certain methods are always illegal, in all sports.

The reason it's legal to steal signs with your eyeballs is that it makes perfect sense to have players on the field be allowed to use their eyes and ears to ascertain what the opposing players intend to do. If the third base coach yells "Bunt! Bunt!" you wouldn't ask the opposing players to pretend they didn't hear that; well, if they give a sign the opposition knows means "bunt," why should they pretend they didn't see that?

Allowing the use of mechanical devices off the field of play removes that from the hands of the players and coaches and from their physical limitations.
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