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Actually, he was complaining a lot beforehand, but admitted that the "Best man won" after the race. The whole segment is here. NBC had beaten ABC in a relay race, but the judges tacked on a 2 second penalty because one of the racers had cheated, giving the race to ABC. Conrad, captain of the NBC team, blew his top, and eventually he and Mr. Kotter, captain of ABC, agreed to a foot race to settle the matter. Conrad had no idea that Kaplan had been a track star in high school. The fact that the whole event is announced by Howard Cosell really makes it timeless.
And video is has some politically incorrect statements, with stereo-typical vintage slurs towards Germans, Jews, and the Irish.

Imagine how much outrage there would be on Social Media

at the 1:40 mark

"He's Jewish and he wants to do is arbitrate"
"I'm German and I want to kill the both of them"
"I'm Irish and I am looking for another Mick to hit"
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