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Originally Posted by FlikTheBlue View Post
I get that they’re doing it for money. The question is are the leagues doing worse than in the past and trying to right a sinking ship, or did the owners just wake up one day even more greedy than usual? I think a lot of people who do watch do so because of the traditions of the respective leagues. Major changes seem to run the risk of alienating hardcore fans while doing little to attract new fans or increasing the interest of casual fans. If the leagues are really in good shape, why run this risk?
Part of it is the dinosaur-nature of management. Entertainment markets have fragmented and evolved, and they don't know how to recapture the market. So they go back to what they believe worked in the past (and it may have)...more playoffs. IMHO, if they want to revive interest, how about making attending the games live affordable? Maybe it's just me, but being in the stadium is much more conducive to building strong fanship. Instead, most tickets are stupid expensive, food and drink are stupid expensive, and licensed souvenirs and apparel are beyond stupid expensive. Wage growth has been fairly flat vis-a-vis inflation. The leagues are losing their base.