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Originally Posted by racer72 View Post
My wife's Samsung Tab A recently started something weird. On websites that are bookmarked, when she attempts to log in, the login boxes appear but she does not get a cursor in the box and she can't enter any information. On some sites the login boxes are incomplete, only one or 2 sides of the box appear. She is accessing these sites through shortcuts in the browser. If she accesses any of the sites via a Google search, the login boxes and cursor work just fine. The website URL's are exactly the same on her shortcuts and sites accessed through Google. Before she goes and spends money on Geek Squad, does anyone have an idea what could be causing this weirdness?
I'm not an expert for Android, but I suspect some kind of caching problem. Maybe when she accesses the websites by shortcuts, incomplete information is fetched from the cache. First thing I would do is to clear the browser cache (or maybe the whole app cache of the tablet, that is never bad thing to do from time to time). If that doesn't help, I commend to delete the shortcuts and create them anew.
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