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I'm not sure the Stardust gimmick has legs... Mick Foley could change angles every week and pull it off because he was Mick Foley. Golddust got over because he stepped completely out of Dusty Rhodes's shadow. Cody is essentially copying what Dustin did, so there's nothing new and earth-shattering about it.

Then consider the face team formula: typically, one face works most of the match, getting beat up by the heels until he hot-tags the partner who comes in to save the day. If Cody gets relegated to the fall guy role, his metamorphosis won't seem like it's all that. If he becomes the invincible rescuer, it won't seem genuine because he was always the fall guy before.

Still, WWE needs more tag teams, and Cody + Golddust is better than either as a single career. They will probably be feuding with the Wyatts, especially if Bray's boys win the titles next PPV.