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Originally Posted by LawMonkey View Post
Honestly, at this point, I'm beginning to think I'd rather see my NXT favorites stay there rather than move up to the main roster--it's a roll of the dice on whether they're going to be handled properly on the move.
You can definitely tell there's a different booking mentality in NXT as opposed to in WWE proper, and so far it's been pretty hit-or-miss which NXT talents are going to be booked well when they get called up. The Shield and the Wyatt family have absolutely dominated since they came up, Big E Langston has done pretty well for himself, and I love what they've been doing with Bo Dallas and Adam Rose. On the other hand, Xavier Woods is a jobber who doesn't even have his own theme song, Alexander Rusev has gotten stuck with a generic evil Russian gimmick (which is pretty bizarre considering that in real life he's a Bulgarian who's lived in America since the '90s and practices Islam), and Emma has become a female version of Santino Marella.

I think we can all agree that the most anticipated NXT call-up will be that of the bookers and producers.