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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
Was it the speed at which the police fired that changed your mind? The boy did attempt to draw what appeared to be a very real handgun when the police approached which he had been brandishing just moments before.
Wait, what did the kid do wrong?

Ohio is an open-carry state. As evidenced by other incidents in Ohio where the cops were oh so polite with someone walking the streets with a gun in his hand just to visibly exercise his rights, the kid had the right to have a real gun unholstered. So the kid was taking the gun out of his holster.

ISTM that, had that been a real gun, what he was doing was legal as church on Sunday, aside from possibly being below the legal age to carry a gun, if Ohio has a minimum age for that. Which is hardly a capital offense.

So apparently they shot the kid for doing something perfectly legal in that state.

Am I missing something here? Or are Ohio open-carry laws whites-only?