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I'm caught up on Episode 10 now, and I was really surprised (and then surprised by my own surprise) when it was mentioned that Hae wasn't necessarily killed on the same day that she disappeared. I'd accepted January 13 as the date of her death because that was the date that people kept talking about, and had kind of assumed without thinking about it carefully that this must have been confirmed by the medical examiner. I wonder how many people on the jury thought the same thing?

Had I given this any consideration I would have realized that it's unlikely an examination of the body could have confirmed this. I don't know much about such things except what I've read in mystery novels, but while there are a number of ways to estimate time and date of death based on forensic evidence I don't think there's anything that would be accurate to the day after a person has already been dead for several weeks.

If Hae wasn't killed on January 13 -- and while we have no evidence that she wasn't, we really only have Jay's word for it that she was -- then that doesn't necessarily mean Adnan is innocent. Unless Adnan has a solid alibi for those days then maybe he abducted Hae after school, hid her away somewhere, and killed her later. That would be a lot more complicated that the prosecution's version of events, but it might have been possible.

But IIRC, the reason the police never considered Hae's boyfriend Don a serious suspect was because (unlike Adnan) he did have a solid alibi for January 13. He was at work. I'm guessing he wasn't at work for the next day or two because of the January 14 ice storm, though. Could Hae have been with Don at that time, either because she voluntarily snuck off to his place on January 13 or because he abducted her? That seems like the sort of thing the police should have checked up on. Perhaps they did, but if so I don't think it's been mentioned on the podcast.

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