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Originally Posted by Jack Batty View Post
So I guess you don't really care to understand my point of view as you keep spewing the same talking points as though I'm the one gleefully cackling at violence throughout this thread.

Let's try this ... if I'm in a car accident where I almost die but just lose my legs instead ... is that a Positive Car Story because it could have been much worse?

Or this ... we're you happy that Jihadi John was killed? Me too, but I consider that a positive story as it relates to justice not a Positive Drone Story. I mean where are the Positive Golf Club Story threads? Or the Positive Baseball Bat Story threads? It's almost like this thread exists for the sole purpose of worshipping guns.
Where are the negative drone stories, the negative golf club stories, the negative baseball bat stories? Where are all the efforts, media wise, Congress wise and presidential wise, to lobby against them, turn public opinion against them, attempt over and over to restrict (and let's be honest, eventually eliminate) them?

It seems to me this thread is simply a counterpoint to all the negative gun stories the media loves to publicize and Democrat politicians love to use to push for gun control/elimination. Surely if there can be negative gun news then there can be positive gun news.

So the positive aspects of this thread are the opposite of those in the negative threads and in the news. Instead of bad guys shooting innocent people (negative gun news) we have innocent people shooting bad guys (positive gun news).

A second aspect to the thread is that similar to your sense of justice having been done when Jihadi John was killed, these of us on the positive gun news side are pleased when justice is done and those who threaten the lives of innocent people get what's coming to them too. What you are doing is conflating these two different aspects into one and thinking we on the pro gun side are simply happy that someone, anyone, is getting shot, and that's ridiculous. What we are, is happy on the one hand that gun ownership is allowing innocent people to defend themselves against people who would do them terrible harm (or who at least threaten to do so), and on the other hand we're happy when bad guys get what's coming to them. They are really two separate issues even though they're arrived at the same way.

And frankly, yet another element to the glee you perceive when a bad guy gets shot is that it's a poke in the eye to those who would take away our ability to use guns to defend ourselves. People like Fear Itself, for example, who evidently considers everyone who owns a gun to be an asshole whose murder at the hands of killers is something to be celebrated. You can hardly blame us for the joy and satisfaction we get from frustrating and thwarting the likes of him.