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In other news, Birmingham man shot after allegedly beating wife, flees to middle school for help
After a wife flees from her abusive husband:
The wife said she saw people outside one of the houses and stopped to ask for help.The husband drove by and saw her, circled the block a few times then got out to confront his wife.

Edwards said the homeowner intervened and asked the man to get off his property.

The husband allegedly refused, looked into his car's trunk, got a brick off the ground instead and advanced toward his wife and the homeowner. He was shouting threats while moving toward them, Edwards said.

"The homeowner shoots the husband in the arm and the husband retreats for a short second, but the husband becomes more agitated and advances again toward the homeowner and his wife," Edwards said.

The homeowner then shot the husband a second time. This time he hit him in the stomach.

The husband fled on foot and ended up outside Green Acres Middle School several blocks away.
Again, bricks - a poorly conceived plan.

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