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Originally Posted by Lightnin' View Post
I discovered that last night. Thanks, though.

Anyway, the planet I found with that material was a small moon. It had nighttime lows of something like -40 or so, with daytime highs of 80 degrees. Oh, and it had very frequent firestorms that put the temperature over 300. My suit would only last about 20 seconds during on of those, and they were so frequent (seriously, I don't think they were more than five minutes apart) that I couldn't go very far away from my ship to look for resources.
One last tip for those horrible planets. For some reason, even on planets that have 300 degree atmospheres (or -200 degree ones), caves--even very tiny ones--are balmy and pleasant. With the grenade attachment on your weapon, you can make a cave anywhere (until your ammo runs out). It's a bit tedious, but it allows long-distance travel on hostile worlds.