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Also, how would such an exception be respected in a scenario where abortion is otherwise totally banned? The woman would have to prove that she did not consent to the sex that lead to the conception of the fetus, so how would that go? Would a police report suffice? Or would the accused have to be charged, and would the case have to make it all the way to trial and result in a conviction for the victim to be believed? Considering how long augmenting a case to trial status takes, an abortion past a certain point would be out of the question. And that’s not even ignoring all the cases where it’s unrealistic to expect the victim to go the police about it (what about spousal rape, for instance?) Believing the victims only out of good faith obviously means women who want to abort fetuses that were the result of consensual sex will lie to get the abortions.

So yeah, not only is it a glaring contradiction to the notion of being pro-life, it’s something that’s even feasible enough to put into practice.

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