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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
What is the point of this irrelevancy and bullshit? Both Democrats and Republicans are in favor of nuclear energy. Every liberal I know -- including American liberals who consistently vote Democrat and some are Democratic Party donors -- is in favor of nuclear energy. I am in favor of nuclear energy. The liberal province I live in gets more than half of all its electric power from nuclear. A group of top climate scientists recently wrote an open letter urging more nuclear power as an essential component of emissions mitigation. What more do you want?

Your point seems to be that some whackadoodles exist who are opposed to nuclear power. So what? I'm sick and tired of having this constantly associated with imaginary liberals.
Imaginary, ehe? Let me ask you something then. Let's pretend that you are correct...and both Democrats and Republicans support nuclear energy in the US. Why are we still not building new plants? Why don't we have a nuclear wasted repository? Let me guess your answer...costs too much and it's unpopular. Why does it cost too much? Let me guess...because nuclear can't really compete with other energy types and have a huge upfront capital cost and it's hard to get investment for long term projects that might not ever get built. Not sure if you'd say that last bit, but benefit of the doubt. So, why the huge capital costs and why might they never get built, if both Democrats and Republicans support them?

The thing is, we've moved beyond the rather tepid support of the Democrats (or Republicans) at this point...the left, especially the green left has poisoned this well so completely that without vigorous support from both parties the reality is we aren't going to be building many, if any new plants. It's not going to happen. And the prime reason is the left wing...which means, the Democrats, since most of the lefties were or are Democrats, at least nominally. So, Democrats tepidly supporting this now, or paying lip service to theoretical support costs them nothing really, since it ain't gonna happen.

I get that there are green and eco types who support nuclear. Some even vigorously. But the majority don't...and they really don't need to be open about it anymore. The ship has sailed, the boat is out of the harbor and Elvis is out of the building. To do anything today we'd need both parties focused and agitating strongly for new plants and new designs. And it's not happening. So, missed opportunity wrt global warming. Bummer, really, but there you go. It is what it is. What annoys me is this attempt to push all of this on the deniers and the idiot Republicans, because it's not all on them. Your side, the Democrats get their share too. No one reined in those anti-science eco nuts, and their narrative won the day...and now we get to pay the price. And it's a two-fer...we don't, nor are we likely to ever have a central repository for our nuclear waste, so it's just going to sit there, in situ at the plants, in ponds, percolating away for a few 10's of thousands of years. Can't even recycle most of it, even though we COULD.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!