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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Hell, look at France. They are leftist, at least wrt to the US. They get over 70% of their energy from nuclear.
There was a discussion before where I pointed out that a lot of why there is not much nuclear power progress is because: we are not leftist enough.

No really, thanks to a lot of education and respect of science there is a lot of acceptance of nuclear power and with another factor: AFAICR in many places in France there is local investment on the nuclear power plants and people living close to the locations get lower electricity bills.

At the general level:
Électricité de France (EDF) – the country's main electricity generation and distribution company – manages the country's nuclear power plants. EDF is substantially owned by the French government, with around 85% of EDF shares in government hands.
And that shows one very important factor why is that many conservatives fail to follow that model: it smells like socialism.

Good luck in convincing conservatives to follow that solution.

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