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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Your side is currently discussing packing the court. That's literally the topic of this thread. And you want to wax poetic about how you're just "trying to figure out a way to restore legitimacy". LMAO!
This scorched earth, winner take all, fuck the other side politics is going to be the end of our republic. That you find it all a laughing matter is just repulsive.

I hope for both of our sakes and for the sake of the next generations that our better nature as a society wins out in the end.

Maybe one day we'll have a legitimate Supreme Court again, but as long as one side will use nuclear weapons to get an advantage while demanding the other side put down the water gun because its partisan, we'll never get there. And that is very bad for our country. Regardless of whatever short term gain you think you're getting right now, it is harming us greatly for the long term.
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