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Originally Posted by XT View Post
... I often hear Europeans say that this politician or that one who they consider right wing would be liberal Democrats in the US. Ok. So, in practical terms wrt their political system, what does that mean to the average voter in their country? Dick all. It means nothing because, by and large, their voting citizens don't give a flying fuck where right wing politician falls on the US spectrum...they care how they fit in in their own system. And because Americans don't live in their country, and don't vote in their system, and so have zero impact or say in it.

I'm sure you don't sit there thinking to yourself when you are going to vote in Canada 'hm, wonder how these two candidates fit into the US political system and fall on their political spectrum'. If you DO think that way, well, you've been on this board too long.
No, that isn't the point at all. To say that American voters should pay attention to voters in other countries, or vice versa, is dissembling from the real issue. What is pertinent for all voters and politicians everywhere is how the enactment of specific policies has played out in the past -- what the results were in comparable environments and situations. And for that, it can be instructive to look outside the confines of one's own political backyard and learn from what has happened in other countries.

Those who refuse to do this are frequently those pushing absurd fairy-tale agendas that are not grounded in reality and are doomed to failure, or worse, are being pushed for mendacious reasons to covertly serve their political base: opponents of universal health care, homophobes, opponents of reasonable gun laws, absolutist opponents of abortion, opponents of corporate accountability and industrial regulation, climate change deniers, and so on. Their bumper-sticker mantra is called "American exceptionalism", which is basically a short way of saying "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, and that's just the way I like it".