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Originally Posted by jsc1953 View Post
The components to James' game:

His knowledge is excellent, but probably no better than any other Jeopardy champion. I think I've known more or less every answer he's known -- missed a few, balanced by at least one that I knew and he didn't....and I lost on jeopardy.

But his speed and timing is extraordinary. He never gets beat to the buzzer; and when he gets on a roll, I think his opponents get shell-shocked.

And then there's his strategy: start with the high numbers, build a bankroll, hit a Daily Double and go all-in. Repeat until you have an insurmountable lead. (Interestingly, at least once he went all in on his first DD and lost. Just a momentary setback.)
He didn't even need the DD's on Friday to win big. The first DD showed up on his very first pick when he had no winnings and was only able to bet the house limit of $1000. (He did get the question right and immediately was up $2000.) The second DD was chosen by another contestant. He did use the third one to his advantage, but this means he really only took advantage of one and still won overwhelmingly.