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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
So guns don't kill anyone, people do, but guns by themselves are effective in self-defence? Have I got that right?

(Piper frantically scribbles notes, trying to keep up. Sheesh this Gunn stuff is complicated. )
Forget the notes. As of this post, I think it's clear that trying to discuss this with Magiver is a waste of time.
Originally Posted by JXJohns View Post
A gun by itself is an inanimate hunk of metal. Add that as a footnote.
Another footnote: so is a hunk of enriched uranium. Or, more accurately, two finely machined hunks of enriched uranium that fit together perfectly to form a critical mass. Just inanimate metal. It's people that are the problem, right, not the inanimate metal? When do I get my enriched uranium? I'd like a side order of plutonium-239, too, please. It's just metal. As a law-abiding citizen, I just want to look at it and fondle it. What could possibly go wrong?

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