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Originally Posted by Tee View Post
I'm also betting the odds, in an area that consists of all kinds of fragile people, including transpeople, so I'm hating this right along with you. Bathrooms are not my biggest concern. Grown-ups calling me an acronym is not my concern. I know what my concerns are, and fortunately so do a lot of other people, many of whom are men. I'm very grateful for those who have spoken up here and have to strongly disagree with your blanket indictment of them.

I also have a pretty good idea of the kind of fears circulating right now and a lot of sympathy for that. It's quite a mess.
Well, I like men too. Most men I've known throughout my life have been honorable and kind and, well, a lot of fun. I think men get too much bad press.

My apologies to the guys here.

I didn't want to dump on men per se, just those who are violent, and I was annoyed by those who thought they knew how RadFems should think regarding the legislation. I guess women are all spawned in a hive and we are all supposed to think alike. :-)

I've been enjoying Clairobscur's posts and was thinking that I'd like to hear his thoughts on other topics, so i'll skim through some of the historic stuff eventually.

So, no, I don't hate men and I also think men should get more recognition for the vital roles they play, along with their often interesting way of looking at things. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.