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Originally Posted by Guest-starring: Id! View Post
Liking the Jurassic Parks popping up all across Canada. There was one in TO suburb (or independent city or whatever the hell you call it) Mississauga with a turnout of 20,000.
Mississauga is its own city, not part of Toronto. It is, however, immediately adjacent to Toronto (to the west) and so in a human geographical sense it's part of the Toronto sprawl.

It's a very big city, with well over three quarters of a million people; I am pretty sure it's the largest city in either Canada or the US that effectively serves as a suburb of a larger city. The center of the city is a huge mall, which should give you a flavor of what the city's like.

I am sure there is a geopolitical reason for this, but Toronto's suburban satellites are few in number and huge in population, as compared to U.S. cities, which tend to have a much, much larger number of small cities. In additional to Mississauga, Toronto is also orbited by Brampton, with over half a million people, Markham with over 350,000, Vaughan over 300,000, and a few around 200,000 like Oakville, Burlington, and Oshawa. By comparison it feels like Chicago or Boston are surrounded by a hundred little cities between 50 and 100 thousand people, if not smaller.
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