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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
Mississauga is its own city, not part of Toronto. It is, however, immediately adjacent to Toronto (to the west) and so in a human geographical sense it's part of the Toronto sprawl.

It's a very big city, with well over three quarters of a million people; I am pretty sure it's the largest city in either Canada or the US that effectively serves as a suburb of a larger city. The center of the city is a huge mall, which should give you a flavor of what the city's like.

I am sure there is a geopolitical reason for this, but Toronto's suburban satellites are few in number and huge in population, as compared to U.S. cities, which tend to have a much, much larger number of small cities. In additional to Mississauga, Toronto is also orbited by Brampton, with over half a million people, Markham with over 350,000, Vaughan over 300,000, and a few around 200,000 like Oakville, Burlington, and Oshawa. By comparison it feels like Chicago or Boston are surrounded by a hundred little cities between 50 and 100 thousand people, if not smaller.
That makes it much more like Los Angeles. Apart fro LA proper there are 13 other cities in LA County with populations in excess of 100,000. The largest is Long Beach which is just under 500,000. That doesn't count the adjacent Orange County whose population is over 3,000,000. This is where Anaheim is located,