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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
Not a waste of time, depending on how you look at it.

The point is, she should be fired.

This tactic of the Trump "administration" to politicize everything, to attribute partisan motives to all his wrongdoing, is always his first line of defense. It is so ubiquitous that I don't think most Americans even notice it anymore. He basically has persuaded the citizenry that as president, it's perfectly ok to represent only the people who support you -- not the entire population of the US.

The whole purpose of the Hatch Act is to prevent this. Many of Trump's advisors engage in violations of it daily, and those violations should be pointed out every single day -- irrespective of whether Trump does the right thing and acts on them. Which, as you point out, he will not. They are violations nonetheless.

Do you care? I hope you do.
Yeah its good to remind people now and again that this sort of shit is not OK. Also that spending large portions of a speech commemorating, say, the boy scouts attacking your political opponents should not be viewed as normal.