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Originally Posted by Flyer View Post
Those creepy people were called "meter readers."
So, they were people who had a legitimate and pre-established reason to be on your property and their behavior was governed by rules and regulations? That's nothing like what we're discussing.

Given the OP's two other bizarre threads, I don't for a minute think this really happened and we are instead reacting to a fantasy that has only played out here and in his head, but as a hypothetical exercise, it represents a violation of this person's privacy. Privacy can be violated even by using publicly available. For example, someone could probably dox you based on your posts here on a public message board, but that practice is rightfully prohibited here because it represents a violation of our privacy. There is no legitimate reason for someone to dox you and there is no legitimate reason for someone to research public records to find your home, come on to your property and mow your lawn. In fact that would be trespassing and the woman in this scenario (if she exists) would be within her rights to pursue action.