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Originally Posted by LiveFree View Post
Very short, detailed and simple.

So, a friend from the gym often talks of her crummy lawn and lawnmower problems (for months she's brought it up, knowing that I've cut thousands of lawns in my lifetime).

So finally I say to myself...."what the hell, I'll drive over (surprise her) and cut it for her". Look up her address online. Yep, in hindsight, I should have offered first.
Seriously dude, the obvious nice thing to do was to offer to take her lawn mower in and back from the repair shop and maybe to offer to mow her lawn once while it is getting fixed. The fact that you, in this story, haven't offered to help her get her lawn mower in, while going through the exact same trouble to get your lawn mower there and back, is what gives your story the extra scary weird thing to do vibe.

Mind you I'd be weirded out if my next door neighbor had done what you did without asking first, probably say thank you because I'd be at a loss for what else to say to someone who meant well, but a bit upset. Going down the block with the snowblower clearing the whole block's sidewalk would be generous and mite neighborly, but more than that is creepy. Someone I just know from a gym? Very uncomfortable, not "a nice gesture" at all.