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How do you define fascism. Who is a fascist. And how do you identify.

Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka
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I doubt you and I agree enough about who the fascists are in modern-day America to make an answer to that question worthwhile, and besides that, my position on fascists isn't the topic of the thread, your (general you, I have no idea if you personally identify with Antifa or not) dead Antifa comrade is.

Please, oh please. DO tell us your definition of fascist/fascism, who you think ARE fascist, and how you identify. I'll post a non pit thread for you to ignore shortly.

Ok Ditka. Please enlighten us. This ain't the pit.
It may be because I'm a drooling simpleton with the attention span of a demented gnat, but would you mind explaining everything in words of one syllable. 140 chars max.