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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
I guess what I'm wondering is did Kaepernick know conservative white America would be so filled with rage at the sight of a black person standing up for himself that they would find a way to turn it into a more socially acceptable narrative (to them). So they turned it into entitled, ungrateful, rich NFL players disrespecting the military and the flag when in actuality it is black people and their allies protesting police brutality.

I guess I don't know if he expected his protests to lead to anything constructive or not.
It depends on how you define "constructive." Maybe he wanted controversy because on some level he thought controversy would raise awareness and get attention. I think the reason Kaepernick took the knee was because he felt that most of the people watching at home simply shrugged off blacks getting killed by white officers as just another day in America. Yes, he knew people wouldn't like it, but sometimes, these kinds of controversies can raise awareness and start discussions. A lot of people didn't like Muhammad Ali's decision to take jail over the draft, but over time, people came to understand him in a different light.