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Originally Posted by CAH66 View Post
I can't pretend to know what CK was thinking, but I can assure you of one thing: A lot of people who don't get pissed off "when black people stand up for themselves" still get pissed off when the flag, anthem, or the military are being disrespected. It's distressingly common around this place for certain posters to willfully conflate any kind of patriotism or conservative values with racism, and it's something that needs to stop.
The fact that 'conservative values' cause people like you to fly into a rage when a black man respectfully takes a knee during the national anthem but not when Trump attacks active service members (like transgender service members), doesn't salute the flag, mocks veterans like McCain, and so on, it's pretty clear what the motive is. When a black man deliberately and quietly taking a knee is terrible to you but a white congressman snoring during the anthem doesn't even warrant notice, that's racism. When a black man protesting murder counts as disrespectful to the military but a white man kicking active service members out or insulting a vet doesn't, that's racism.

"Conservative values" in the Trump era are pure, blatant bigotry.