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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
The title is "Is Fox News really all that bad?" So, when it's revealed that a F&F host... one who marketed his investment firm on the show itself, thereby potentially duping the networks own viewers... was recently arrested for financial fraud, I think it fits the confines of the thread.

In fact, this is not just another tick in the "yes" column, it's a new kind of fucked-upness, right? Even for Fox? Has any other host marketed an (alleged) financial fraud on Fox News viewers for the host's own personal benefit?
Isn’t this the Fox News business plan? Pushing frauds and lies for their own personal profit? It’s why the network was started by Rupert Murdoch, isn’t it?

Was Bill O’Reilly doing something different? Glenn Beck? Tucker Carlson? Gretchen Carlson? Megyn Kelly?

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