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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
Good to know. That would certainly make the odds lower that the brother hypothesis is correct, though it still doesn't explain how it came to be that Omar ended up cohabiting with two husbands at the same time. And it is still peculiar that one of the two would have the name Dad Jr., though that does happen sometimes by happenstance and could simply be a happenstance.

I have not endorsed that the theory is true, merely that there's sufficient evidence that something funny was going on that it would probably be unwise for the Democrats to rest their political fortunes on Omar. Trying to make her a political star, because Trump attacks her, is unwise.

It should also be pointed out that her grandpa worked at a fairly high level in the Somali government during the period of its executing a genocide. There may be other reasons that the family doesn't want people looking too hard into their past.
Ah, an interesting, albeit rare, sighting of an embryonic Gish Gallop.

In any event, there's clearly Something Funny going on. Something Funny. Won't someone please ring up Bill Barr and get him to investigatin'?