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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
Do you have a cite that the Democrats are "putting all their eggs" in a freshman Congresswoman from Minneapolis, or are you just concern trolling us at this point?
Possibly it's past the point where it was a concern, now. The media seem to have moved on from the "Squad" story and while the light did seem to move towards Omar, I think it moved away before it would get to the point where I would worry for the party.

So I would say that at the moment, I am answering the questions that are being asked, because people asked. If they ask me what my motives were, all I can do is answer what they were, regardless of how much time has passed since that point in time. In 40 years, my motive would still be to urge caution. Because we would still be discussing my thinking as of early July of 2019. And my motive for mentioning it forty years time would be simply because someone asked what my thoughts were in early July, 2019.

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