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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
The disconnect is that you keep talking about your own personal responsibility, but there are other kinds of responsibility, no? People, even conservatives, regularly feel a sense of responsibility for taking care of loved ones, family, friends, and neighbors. People feel a sense of responsibility for their communities, their country, etc. I don't know if you consider these responsibilities to be personal or not -- certainly they don't fit in with what description -- but they are responsibilities nonetheless, and they are very real.

My point isn't that your own personal responsibility should extend to those areas. My point is that conservatives use other people's personal responsibility as an excuse to eschew their own non-personal responsibility for their community, their neighbors, or their country.
Altruism is a nice desirable quality. One that if left up to the individual is a great thing. If forced upon someone it stops being so nice. Maybe this is the difference between liberals and conservatives? Conservatives believe in live and let live, liberals want to make decisions for others? because they know better.

Right or wrong decisions be damned, we just got to do something!