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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
But of course supply and demand doesnt apply to something like housing, even with no government rules, it takes a year or more to build new housing.
Most goods take time to produce. Unless the demand is very volatile, the law of supply and demand is still going to apply. It's another form of investment. The developer who built my subdivision lives down the street from me. He and his partners predicted (correctly) that demand for housing in my suburb would go up, so they sunk a lot of money into building houses, including the one where my wife and I live.

He's kind of a funny guy. He's now retired, and spends his time keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Which is kind of un-nerving when he knows when everyone leaves for work, what times of day I walk the dog, who is doing remodeling, etc., and kind of reassuring when he called the cops when somebody broke into my neighbor's house, because he knew they were on vacation.

And of course new housing is not the only kind of housing there is. Demand goes up, my house appreciates in value, I have a greater incentive to sell, or rent out a room, or something like that.