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Regarding the various characters:

"Italian" dudes with fake mustaches: not funny. Insultingly not funny.
Cortez: Well done. A good mix of despicable-ness tempered by a bit of humor. It's a cooking show, not a history lesson, but points were made.
The lawyer types: Meh. Neither good nor bad. I barely remember them. But, wasn't Alton playing the part of one of them? I don't remember him doing that in the past.

Major disappointment: When I first saw the Medici lady I wasn't wearing my glasses. Thought it may have been the Lady of the Refrigerator, escaped to the freezer aisle. No such luck. I will continue to watch in the hope she returns.

One more thing: what was up with the camera filming Alton's reflection in a mirror, instead of the just the regular way?