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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Well, that wasnt a paper or study that he wrote, true? Just a Op ed? And he gets lots of stuff wrong, but first he admits he doesnt know much about the issue:

Not that I have any special knowledge about San Francisco's housing market -- in fact, as of yesterday morning I didn't know a thing about it.

Then "After all, the sort of landlord behavior described in the article -- demanding that prospective tenants supply resumes and credit reports, that they dress nicely and act enthusiastic -- doesn't happen in uncontrolled housing markets. "- boy is that wrong. Pretty much, everywhere in CA, rent control or no, you need a credit report to rent any decent apartment or house.

Then he goes on "And so I had no doubts about what I would find after a bit of checking -- namely, that San Francisco is a city where a technology-fueled housing boom has collided with a draconian rent-control law."

Draconian? SF follows CA state law, which means no unit built after 1979 is covered. And only for multi-plexes.

Apt are hard to get and rent in SF not mostly due to rent control, but due to not enuf space for building. SF is very small and very crowded.

So, here we have a perfect example of the Pauling effect. A expert in one field trying to apply his expertise to something outside his speciality.
Hereís some more incompetent economists who looked at San Francisco and came to the same finding as Krugman. I suppose this means that they are incompetent as well, because... well, I canít wait to hear why.