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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Here's the video:

The passage in question starts at about 48:00. I think the text makes it clear enough, but his mannerisms and the audience's response make it even clearer -- it's using self-deprecation about his own wealth to make a larger point that when you're wealthy, you have plenty of money left over even after spending it on a very nice lifestyle, and thus progressive taxation is nothing to fear.

And in the sentence immediately preceding, he says the following (bolding mine):

I don't see any possible interpretation of the full context of these quotes that's other than the equivalent of "the rich have nothing to worry about with more progressive taxation -- and I should know because I'm rich and I have plenty of money left over after doing all the things I want to do".

Those inclined to see Obama as evil or a commie or whatever probably see things differently, similar to the way that the guy I pass on my way to work who thinks he's Jesus seems to see things differently.
The way I see it, he characterizes folks who are rich as being either greedy and buying big houses, taking exotic trips and trying not to pay taxes or as generous and giving money away to have an impact. If he is only talking about progressive taxes, it seems odd for the hypothetical good rich person to ask "How can I give more and more and more?" Unless he is advocating for paying significantly more taxes than owed. Perhaps he is paying millions more in taxes than he owes and is not a hypocrite.