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Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
When the Mafia lets you vote and allows peaceful protests, let me know.

If you build a house of cards in a house in a thunderstorm, what's keeping the house of cards up: Your skill with stacking or the real house's walls and ceiling? Could you build the house of cards outside in good weather? What would happen to that house of cards the moment it began to hail outside?

Conservatives always go on about how reality doesn't care about your feelings. Well, I can guarantee that roving gangs and would-be warlords don't care about your inalienable rights, and everyone is equal in a mass grave. We have an institution which keeps those nutballs from destroying everything, and you think you have a right to not pay for it? Sure. Go out to Bir Tawil and see how much you get when you refuse to pay. See how much you can earn when there's nobody to provide you the infrastructure to earn anything.
Funny thing is that governments have been the ones responsible for the largest mass graves. So yes, a government can be mafia like. Or much worse. Now our government is not so bad. One reason is that it has constraints such as can’t take all your stuff.

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