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Meh, I say give him until noon Eastern on Monday. Morning picks aren't really our bag; we make our best progress from noon to midnight. Seems pointless to skip him at 3am only to make a few picks between then and noon.

The rest of this post was written before your most recent post, as it was time consuming to research the timing of picks.

Originally Posted by RetroVertigo View Post
2.08 Miles Boykin WR Bal
Since you only have one pick left, and it's 12 picks away, maybe prerank 12 players and send it to to Beef so he can just choose the first one on the list not taken and announce it as soon as you get back the clock.

RNATB hasn't been on the SDMB for 23 hours, which was during the five hour delay yesterday afternoon waiting for pick 2.04. His next pick was 6 picks away from that, which is reasonable to assume we'd get to within the next 24 hours.

I'm thinking he lost power and has no cell service. How long do we want to wait for him? These two picks of his at 2.08 and 2.10 are his last two picks, and if we skip him, I suspect we could cover a lot of ground, greatly reducing the value of his two second rounders when he finally gets back online.

This draft has been super frustrating. If we go by the original idea of the 12-hour window, we've shattered that window five times and counting:

1.04 took 15 hours
1.05 took 21 hours
1.09 took 18 hours
1.11 took 36 hours
2.08 took 18 hours
2.09 ???

I've been only a couple picks away (or the very next pick) for several of these, such that I've been stopping in to check the dope every 15 minutes or so for days on end. (I literally refreshed this thread every 15 minutes for the entire 36 hour window waiting for pick 1.11, at least for the 28 or so hours of it when I wasn't sleeping. That was brutal.)

I'm so ready to not think about this draft until noon tomorrow. Can I have a night off? I two picks left -- 2.12, 3.03 -- and both are in the next 8 picks, but it feels like neither of them will never come... (Preranking for two picks is rough in that you have to include conditionals.)

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