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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Some people keep and bear arms in order to protect their own homes and families. Other people keep and bear arms in order to threaten other people's homes and families.

Reasonable opponents of the Second Amendment feel that repealing it would significantly reduce the second group and that's a good purpose.
True. There are 300,000,000 guns in the uSA. About 10000 are used form murder.

So you'd ban that 299,990,000 to solve that 10000.

And it wont. Gun control has never worked in the USA.

And why do you want gun control?

1, to reduce suicides (biggest potion of gun deaths)? Well, I think suicide is both a tragedy and a right, and Japans seems to have no problem keeping it's suicide rate well about the USAs with no guns. So, that's a crappy reason. Lets get some more counseling and such out there.

2. To reduce Murder? Ok, but you see the violent crime rate has been going down for some time, while the number of guns owned is increasing. Hmmm. Maybe a few more reasonable restrictions, like on straw man sales might help, sure, why not?

3. To reduce mass killings? As I have proven, mass shootings are a product of the media, not guns. So, then, we'd have to get rid of the 1st Ad for that. Are you in favor?